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Configuring BlueMSX Launcher with MSX M-Box Screenshots and Games

Hi ..

As you may know, there was an MSX games launcher called MSX M-Box that contained 1300+ games along with their screenshots so that you can see the game before running it. Sadly, this launcher works only on WinXP and below, it won't launch games on Win7, Win8 or Win10.
To solve this issue, I found BlueMSX Launcher on the web which is an excellent launcher, but didn't found a full collection like the MSX M-Box one, so I extracted the games and their screenshots from MSX M-Box, and in the video below I explain how I did this, and the other parts of the video explains how to configure BlueMSX Launcher for your use.
Download links:

BlueMSX Launcher with MSX M-BOX 4.5 Screenshots and Extras : To install it by yourself (steps explained in IMPORTANT.TXT and in the video).

MSX Launcher Portable : ready to play version, you must put it in C:, so that the home folder will be C:\MSX Launcher (explained in IMPORTANT.TXT and in the video).

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MSX Red Book - HTML & PDF well-formatted version

Hi to all MSX Computers lovers ..

I uploaded the MSX Red Book in HTML & PDF very beautifully formatted version with figures and code highlighting to read on your PC or Mobile Phone as a quick reference..

Click Here to download the book in HTML version ...
Click Here to download the book in PDF version ...

MSX Red Book is a MUST for every MSX Computers programmer because it explains everything in ROM BIOS and VDP Registers and Modes in great detail with pictures ..

MSX Red Book Contents:

ContentsIntroduction Programmable Peripheral InterfacePPI Port A (I/O Port A8H)ExpandersPPI Port B (I/O Port A9H)PPI Port C (I/O Port AAH)PPI Mode Port (I/O Port ABH)Video Display ProcessorData Port (I/O Port 98H)Command Port (I/O Port 99H)Address RegisterVDP Status RegisterVDP Mode RegistersMode Register 0Mode Register 1Mode Register 2Mode Register 3Mode Register 4Mode Register 5Mode Register 6Mode Register 7Screen Modes40x24 Text Mode32x24 Text ModeGraphics ModeMulticolour ModeSpritesProgrammable Sound…